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  • Monique DiMattina Melbourne Winter Showcase

    March 13, 2014

    Monique DiMattina Winter Showcase

  • Bennetts Lane in Sept 7 2013

    January 6, 2014

    Monique Di Mattina Bennetts Lane Jazz Club

  • What’s in a Kiss prelaunch offer

    June 19, 2013

    SPECIAL SINGLE RELEASE OFFER! Download the new single What's In a Kiss from upcoming album Nola's Ark plus 2 free bonus tracks for $1!

  • Nola’s Ark Preorder

    May 15, 2013

    Look out for NOLA'S ARK album launch, coming up FRIDAY 24 MAY @ Stonnington Jazz Festival. Pre-orders available HERE

    Single Launch: 1st track from New Orleans Sessions

    JVG's Stopping All Stations (Except East Richmond)

    Pure Pop

    Melbourne Tango Quintet

    Monique DiMattina at The Toff
    Monique DiMattina at Burrinja Blues and roots

    FREE DOWNLOAD! Download the new single “Say My Name”

    Sun Signs
  • 26 April 2012: The latest blahb

    May 15, 2013

    Hello folkses,
    Someone told me I need to make these emails more “effective” – “You know, like the 30 sec grab”. Yes I say, I’m familiar with that modern life media tactic targetting the spot between the eyeballs with ‘the message’ before you know you’ve been hit between the eyeballs by ‘the message’ such that said message evades all regular intellectual security procedures entering by the back door so to speak and thereby subliminating it’s way into your consciousness thence to affect your modes of speech and dress, your political thoughts, purchasing patterns, musical tastes and the like.

    It just took me about 20 seconds to read what I just wrote and we’re not even close to discussing the substance of this missive (or message) but then I was always more your long distance girl and would have failed Advertising 101 for sure especially once they found out that I don’t really, um, as a rule anyway, watch tele or follow the waves of what’s current, and also would have flunked Jingle Writing believing as I do that ‘Boogie Woogie’ rhymes just fine with ‘Everything that I do gon’ be funky from now on’.

    I digress.

    But isn’t it nice to chat about nothing sometimes? Not necessarily explicitly in defiance of the relentless efficiency and productivity of modern times nor even in a sub-consciously passive aggressive anti-modern mode but maybe through simple skilfull ignorance honed over the years by devotion to being present and enjoying breathing, walking round the block, or flexing one’s toes? For example if I have a real pile of productivity to produce I do like to pop down to the organic provedore and procure persimmons instead, and I don’t believe this instinct should always be filed under ‘p’ for ‘procrastinant’, but sometimes under ‘s’ for ‘spirit sustenance’ , ‘soul siesta’ or ‘satisfying saunter’.

    Ok so I digressss.


    You might like to know that my band will be parting the red velvet curtains at the PARIS CAT JAZZ CLUB next SATURDAY 5TH MAYfor one early set only at 7.30pm

    If you descend those sublunar stairs you will hear yours truly singing & playing pianner, with Ben Debonnaire Robertson on bass, AndrewCandyman Reid on guitar and Ashley KnockEmDead Davies on drums. We allus have a great time and think you probably will too.

    In other news, the fun clip we made for Say My Name has now been officially released and is viewable above, where you can also download the sweet & snappy lil’ single for free.

    Also I’m pleased to announce that there is now a spanking new ‘RRR‘ page on the website that logs all the RRR ‘Shaken Not Rehearsed’ songs composed to order in an hour on Tim Thorpe’s Saturday morning ‘Vital Bits’ show.

    Ok, that was the message.

    Cheers big ears,

    Monique x

    ps – a big thanks you to all who came out to the Sun Signs solo piano return season concerts at the Eleventh Hour Theatre last month, it was dandy. Signed copies of Sun Signs are available for purchase on the SHOP page, with a free astrological reading offered to every 12th purchaser. Guaranteed ambiguous or your money back.


    22 Nov 2011: SUN SIGNS cd release concert this THURS 24th NOV


    11 Nov 2011: Ned Kelly rises from dead..

    Dear friends, this Friday is 11/11/11 – numerological nirvana!
    It’s also the 131st anniversary of Ned Kelly’s execution at the Old Melbourne Gaol on Russell st.

    Check out this amazing project composed and produced by my buddy Ashley Davies along with eminent Ned Kelly historian Ian Jones – we are performing this Friday night at the Newport Substation.. an event not to miss.

    Ned Kelly – the narrative concert.
    Friday 11th November. The Substation, Newport.
    For one night only, some of Melbourne’s finest musicians come together to perform Ashley Davies’ critically acclaimed multimedia production of Ned Kelly. Featuring: Ashley Davies; Matt Walker; Monique diMattina; Andrew Albanis; James Lee (Black Cab) and Michelle Lewit. A concert that re-tells the story we all think we know, evoking all the emotions and drama of the haunting saga of Ned and his gang. Ramblin Van Walker and Liz Stringer supporting.

    link to venue website:
    link to video clip:
    link to ticket sales:

    7 Aug 2011: EVA – Aug 11-21 @ Athenaeum Theatre, Melbourne

    EVA_A3Poster_AthenaeumEva Duetthumbs_255004_188433091206668_188429034540407_459744_5030106_n
    The Eva Cassidy show at the Athenaeum Theatre in August starring the starry Clare Bowditch was a runaway smash hit. The punters loved it because Clare is a STAR and also the band was a little bit GROUSE. The producers loved it because the punters loved it. I loved it because I got to make a Hammond organ scream (loud) each night – watch this space for return season and touring info.

    22 May 2011: SINGLE RELEASE TODAY!

    Yip yip – for your free download of the new single ‘Say My Name’ click on ‘FREE MUSIC’ to the right. Enjoy!
    Singe Launch

    14 Jan 2011: New Years Rock n Roll Revolution

    Ok I am officially peed off. With my lazy and dumb disorganisation. With my commonplace settling for. There are things I want to do that I don’t do and while probably not as deeply disappointed in self as St Paul in Romans 7, am optimist enough to feel things can be better, and opportunist enough to grab January by the shoelaces as it sprints out the door and say ‘wait, I’m coming’. Yes it’s a late new years revolution and it is just one word. Order.

    Yes this year I reach for science to remedy my own pathetic patterns of unevolved entropy. Albeit the kind of muddly science that someone who has only ever written songs and essays can digest and apply. The scientific black and white of knowing that if you put a habit in place, it will find roots, look to the sun and prosper. So whilst my unfettered bohemian freeloading spirit will relax into time and space as it wraps it’s warm-bath pleasantness around me, my new scientist will say NO! Not another hour of house muddling, vaguely multi-tasking your way through what would after all be just ten minutes of concerted concentrated chores. And what will I do this brave new year, with those reclaimed fifty minutes? Write a song. A week. Bum in the chair, pencil in the hair.

    What and you think we will keep you accountable, care if you do impose this utopian efficient and effective song-writing order, check up on your progress? – you ask.
    Yes it’s not like you guys are my mother (actually I know for a fact you’re not my mother as she has better things to do than read emails or touch computers at all ever).
    Well I considered setting up one of those blog scenarios where you have 365 days to [insert task] but this felt a bit HBO and wasn’t quite dangerous enough to motivate the beast. No I needed something dreadful to happen if I should default, some kind of Dali-esque supreme public humiliation nightmare.

    So to make a short story quite long I has me a chat with Tim Thorpe at RRR 102.7FM and Tim agrees to a segment on his much loved and listened to Sunday morning ‘Vital Bits’ program in which I will be challenged with a song concept by listeners calling in and be obliged to write and perform that song within an hour. The calling in will take place 7:45am (musicians and proper party people need not apply – parents of small children on the other hand..), I will then scuttle off to the RRR broom cupboard and emerge triumphant to play the thing live to air at 8:45am. What could possibly go rong? Well if you want to hear how rong it could go, tune in to ‘Shaken, Not Rehearsed’ this Sunday 6th Feb 7:45am and then again 8:45am. The number to call with song ideas is 9388 1027.
    Wish me luck & pray to St Paul for my alarm to work..
    Monique x

    22 Nov 2011: Thank you!

    For coming to the cd launch and swamping the website ‘BUY NOW’ button and sending your lovely feedback about the rekkid and.. well, for listening and being out there.. it has been a totally grouse and uplifting time launching this little baby out into the ether and vibin all the lovin rippling back.

    On the air here to hear MdM with Jon Faine on the Conversation Hour Friday 19/11/10. Dave Graney, 3RRR calls Welcome Stranger “Sophisticated and playful”, and from Doug Spencer – ABC Radio National – Sweetly wry…Livingest Place is surely the nicest and slyest ‘Melbourne-v-Sydney’ song, ever.”

    From Tiffany Bridger – Rave Magazine -“diMattina’s second feel-good album is upbeat and bluesy..her seductive skills on keys and Steve Grant’s trumpet solos reach new heights. From French bohemian to dedicated blues to sweet lullabies, Welcome Stranger is bound to win you over one way or another.”

    See upcoming giggles below xx

    2 Sep 2010: Newsbites

    See post below re. regular Sundays at GRUMPY’S GREEN – otherwise..

    Friday 10th December -In-store gig at THE BASEMENT DISCS, 12.30pm Block Arcade, Melb.

    Saturday 11th December – SYDNEY jazz club 505, 8pm with Carl Dewhurst, Cameron Undy and Dave Goodman.

    Saturday 18th December – In-store gig at PURE POP St Kilda, 4-5pm.

    Saturday 15th January – The Piping Hot Chicken Shop, 8pm Ocean Grove’s v hip live music venue

    Sunday 13th February – The Lomond Hotel, Brunswick 5.30pm

    Of a Sunday we often do a lazy song-swapping-singer-songwriter hang at Grumpy’s Green, Melbourne’s only vegetarian saloon style venue with an Atari machine. Free entry! Good nachos.
    See last dates for 2010 and destination details below:-
    Sunday 28th November – yes! 2-4pm with spesh guests Super Darling & Cam & Co
    Sunday 5th December – yes again! same bat time/channel
    Sunday 12th December – no game – playing in Sydney :)
    Sunday 19th December – final Grumpy’s gig for 2010. Party time!

    Grumpy’s Green
    125 Smith st
    Ph: (03) 9416 1944

    12 Jul 2010: Sundays @ Grumpy’s – Singin & swingin while the church bells r ringin (:

    Come participate in our pagan ritual to initiate new songs on the lovely old piano at GRUMPY’S GREEN, 125 Smith st Fitzroy (Melb, AUS) at the family friendly hour of 2pm every Sunday (:
    This is not so much a gig as a muck about in which I sit at the piano and try out new songs, or new takes on oldies, on you, my hapless guinea piggies, while you sink into cozy couches with hot toddies, choccys, Grumpy’s famous nachos & other vegetarian delights.
    Each week is graced w a special guest or 3. Melbourne’s own Super Darling (aka Tanya Lee, pictured with yrs truly) will be a regular extra special guest. Hetty Kate sashayed sweetly with her uke last week and is expected often. So are you.
    The songs are original, real, raw and as advertised on FB, the best fun indoors since swirly tennis. Free entry, no bookings required. Enquiries to Grumpy’s: 9416 1944.

    ps:- Friday nights at Fed Square on hold until the rain goes away – watch this space..

    Monique Elise & Super Darling

    Monique Elise & Super Darling

    Over n out, MdM x

    22 Nov 2009: But Wait! There’s More!!

    Christmas is coming, a time for over-indulgence, and so it is that, sheepishly, as one who returns for an encore too many, I announce that we will in fact play one more last for gig 2009 – in addition to the last gig for 2009 that we played last Saturday night.

    Those who pulled out all stops to make last week’s last gig of the year – fair ’nuff, you’re done. The rest of you have one last chance to groove with us! Until the next chance you get.

    SATURDAY 5th DEC, 9.30pm
    Bennetts Lane Jazz Club
    Bennetts Lane (off Little Lonsdale- Melb)
    Tickets available online at Moshtix or just show up
    Ph: 9663 2856

    22 Nov 2009: Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes

    It’s been a bit dusty around here while our webpage undergoes renovation – now check it! New look bits and squibs, fun and functionality all found at the one web place – Thanks to the ab fab Sam McFadden at, I have no more website envy. Yip yip! Thanks Sam.

    22 Nov 2009: Film News

    For those enamoured of animation (say that ten times fast after an egg nog or three), I was privileged to score the music for Fleur McArthur’s enchanting creation of visual splendour ‘Poppy Heartwood’, which is screening at ACMI Cinemas in December – details below. You can hear some of the music on the film page of aforementioned dashing new website, or show up to the shows themselves and enjoy it on the big screen, egg nog in hand.

    ACMI Cinemas
    Australia Centre for the Moving Image
    Federation Square, Melbourne
    Dec 10-12 & Dec 17-19 2009
    Fri 11th at 5.15pm,
    Thurs 17th at 7.15pm
    Sat 19th at 9.15pm

    22 Nov 2009: Senses for solo piano

    Is being happily featured in the Readings Christmas catalogue. I can’t think of a store I’d rather have shout about this quiet record. So if you’d like to fill your Christmas stockings with something unseasonably understated, get ye to a Reading store – or indeed to (free delivery!) – and we will fulfill all your Senses needs.

    “Timeless piano dreams and improvisations – the thinking person’s zen escape”
    – The Village Voice, NYC

    “Beautiful, spacious, spare”
    Lucky Oceans – ABC Daily Planet

    “Atmospheric, thoughtful. Calm notes with a sharp intelligence”
    Sue Roberts, BBC Radio 4

    Thanks for listening and merry merry to you all,


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Everybody Loves Somebody - Monique Di Mattina

Nola's Ark - Monique Di Mattina

Welcome Stranger - Monique Di Mattina

Sun Signs - Monique Di Mattina

Senses - Monique Di Mattina

Live at the 55 - Monique Di Mattina

Live at the JZ - Monique Di Mattina