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Change it up

Change your tune, Change your mind

Change of hands, change of style

Change it up, change around

Be the change that you want to see in the world

Walk it out now

Change your spots, change your horse

Change of pace, change of course

Change it up, change around

Be the change that you want to see in the world

Walk it out now

Movin to the rhythm of the rising moon

Sunshine come down much too soon

Keep shifting round the furniture inside your head

You can run around around run around

But you’re still on a short thread

Change your shoes, Change your socks

Change your hair, change the locks

Change it up, change around

Be the change that you want to see in the world

Walk it out now

everybodylovessomebody_shop_album_coverIf I Knew Then

If I knew then what I know now, it would still be you

That you would hold me, then fold me

Back into the pack jack, and shuffle while I’m stacked flat

If I could change the game, re-arrange the blame, I’d start again with all the clues

But you’re the itch I had to scratch, recession that I had to have

The bug I had to catch – like the flu

So lay the cards on the table

And sure as ancient fable I would be unable not to choose you

Love is a flutter, it’s a gamble, where the sample isn’t ample so we play for more

Then one of us is sated, the libido is abated as we get habituated to the score

If I knew then, what I know now, I’d change a bunch of history too – wouldn’t you?

There’d be less be-headings and a whole lot of weddings

In delightful country settings and we’d all say ‘I do’

But heaven doesn’t sell, yeah we all want that taste of hell

And that’s why baby it would still be you

A rabbit likes a carrot and to populate the planet and that’s just what she’s gonna do

You can tell her its a trap but her deep internal habit is to grab it and then wind up in the stew

If I knew then, what I know now,

We all would have a crystal ball in permanent view

And we’d all stack the cards, so full of hearts, that the universal balance would be all askew

But when the gods rolled the dice, they never said it would be nice

And you can make like Oedipus, but your fate’s still gonna find you

Yeah sure as death, and taxes, and the earth’s magnetic axis

Baby it would still be you

nola's_ark_album_cover_LHS_sidebar_218pxBring on the rain

Wash away the dirt

Wash away the tears

Wash away the wear and tear

Of so many years

Wash away the stories

That we’ve all been told

Wash away the foggy day

The white men that are old

Bring on the rain…

Wash it on down Broadway

Wash down Hoddle St

Wash away that every day

We feel like we been beat

Wash the televisions

Wash the subways too

Wash away the feeling

That there’s nothing we can do

Bring on the rain..

Wash your mouth with soap young man

Wash your feet and wash your hands

Feel the rain wash down on me how

clean a girl can be

Feel it in your bones

Feel it in your hair

Feel it in your soul

Breath that clean air

Bring on the rain..

nola's_ark_album_cover_LHS_sidebar_218pxLets Do Something Bad 

From days before the pharaohs, love’s hurled it’s poison arrows

At those the fates would loath to tear apart, oh my heart

But passion is not lenient, so should it’s sting be inconvenient

Then it’s best we ‘fess it’s not quite love

Still pity those afflicted, their guilty thoughts convicted

them to serve a life of upstanding denial

Still the thing that I find oddest, should my proposal seem immodest

Is that our sin would be as original as the music to this song

So let’s do something bad, let’s ruin the friendships we’ve had

Let’s do something worse, then try to write some amateur verse

To coyly converse on why these simple human pleasures can’t be had by us

Let’s do something dumb, then shrug that it was all in good fun

Let’s just say we forgot, and look to book a cave like old Lot

How much gin have you got oh

Let’s act with a callous disregard, for trust and friends and loved ones

it’s really not that hard

It’s easy to play the cad when you’re hurtin this bad

Let’s put a kink in the plot, and spend this night like Gwen spent Lancelot

We’ll go abandon all reason, just surrender to a swift carno-pleasin

I’m not above treason

Just make my next a double leave the bottle by the bed

Just once to see how it feels, then just once more if we’re as agile as seals

You’d like a clinical label, well if you facilitate I’ll gladly enable

Let me clear off this table

And let’s admit the bridges that we’re burnin’

It’s either friendless shame or else it’s endless yearning and

Either one will drive you mad, so

You might as well take the scenic route

Hurt the people who love us, they hurt someone too

(Heaven) who knows, they could be glad –

If you don’t you’ll wish you had, got it good going bad

nola's_ark_album_cover_LHS_sidebar_218pxNo More Coffee

No more coffee in the coffee pot

Sugar’s on the table, stove’s still hot

But I see what you are, and what you’re not

Not in my coffee pot

No more honey hot buttered toast

You’ve had your fill, now you’re just gonna move your way on up the coast

I was cookin’ up a Sunday roast

Now you want it in the post

No more sugar, and no more beers

Shoulda know that it would end in tears

No more coffee, no more cigarettes

I’m s’posed to think this is as good as it gets

Shoulda known I coulda laid down a bet,

Sure as coffee is wet


No more sugar, and no more beers

Shoulda know it would all end in tears

No more coffee, no more cigarettes

I’m s’posed to think this is about as good as it gets

I shoulda known I coulda laid down a bet,

No more late night duets

No more coffee, yeah but I ain’t got regrets

I’m drinkin gin… till I forget

nola's_ark_album_cover_LHS_sidebar_218pxWhat’s In a Kiss

What’s In a Kiss?

Secret door to a world of bliss..

Was the moment long?

Did the world stop still?

Did time go on?

Who can tell..

If either party fell for it

I heard you did

That is, I heard you kissed

Kissed a girl like me,

But she wasn’t me..

What’s in a Kiss?

I guess that is the jist

Of the problem, honey

We were invincible

Two hearts that beat as one

Walkin’ down the street as one

Two lips that meet as one


And it started as a kiss,

Secret door to a world of bliss,

The kiss became a song

Who’d have thought it could all go wrong

Now it’s come to this

What was in that hidden kiss?

And though I know you well

Would you kiss and tell?

I’ll have to kiss and let the kiss tell me



C’est l’heure du bonheur, tout les gens dans la rue

Ont l’air joieux et fou

Et moi je regardes par le fenetre tres clair

En sachant je ne peux pas faire plus

Il etait un fois passé, temps de stresses, temps presse

Temps ou j’ais travaille dur

Maintenant il me semble

Que la vie est trop longue

Je respires et c’est tout-ce que je peux

C’est tout-ce que j’ais vu

C’est tout-ce j’ais voulu

La main faite en boit ne marche plus

L’envie de vivre

C’est le crie de la mer

C’est tout-ce que je peux et c’est tout

Ne me demandes pas que j’explique

Il n’y a rien a dire

C’est un sense que ne comprends pas

Simplement je restes entre

Joie et tristesse

Je respires et c’est tout-ce que je peux

Quest-ce que j’attends de la vie?

C’est que je n’ais pas envie?

Une sagesse ou c’est un dolor?

C’est l’hiver ou l’etait, la mort est tant pres?

Je respires et c’est tout-ce que je peux

Dig a hole for love

Come on babe hug me ‘coz I’m feeling all right

It’s warm under the covers, gonna take you for a ride 

She says “Hold on baby what you tryin to do?

you knooow I can’t stay and make love wich you –

‘coz the water’s risin, so quit you’re cryin and

Pick up a shovel dig a hole for love

Come on you know you want to have a boogie with me

I’m the love king – gonna send you out to sea

She says “Honey don’t you worry I got steam for you, but there’s

just one thing that you got to do ‘coz the

Water’s rising, so quit your cryin and

Pick up a shovel dig a hole for love

Can you feel it, baby I’m for real, you know it’s

Now or never come on let’s get together and I’ll

make you feel all right come on hold me tight – she says

Pick up a shovel dig a hole for love.


Black Cat, Night Rat

Something’s goin on in the night

The bushes in the back yard are laying real low

They’re covering for somebody,

Birds are talkin loud but they ain’t tellin’ what they know

Possums on the make,

like this is the last poker game they’ll ever take

I leaned on the gate, he says ‘don’t ask me, I just work here mate’

Grass is clean and green

but I just know things aren’t what they seem

Why those daisy’s hidin’?

This is some kinda heavy scene

Black cat, night rat

I know the gnomes know

but they just stare through me when I tell ’em so

House has gotta be in on this gig,

It knows too much, footprint’s too big

Someday I’m gonna bust this scene

Put that cat behind a cat flap

Make the neighborhood clean

But this cat’s wise to every vice

Not just mice, he’s doin speed and ice

Black cat, night rat



Riding home on the train one day,

Phone goes ba-bing what’s it got to say

Big wall o’ water headed down our way

And armageddon’s comin’ too

People runnin to higher ground

Got no hope ‘coz we’re earth bound

Everything’s fallin down down down

Godzilla Stomping Through Japan

Godzilla Stomping Through Japan

People take shelter if you can

Fuji TV, what do I see

Tokyo ain’t where it used to be

Island of Honshu moved eight feet

Further out to the east

Chirpy little ring tone, fire and brimstone

Dark haired, homeless,

Hurt & hungry, well dressed,

Nuclear reactor, distress

Godzilla Stomping Through Japan…

Earth has shifted on it’s axis

We been good we paid our taxes

But what you gonna do when the simple fact’s

Godzilla Stomping Through Japan

We seen fire and famine, drought and flood

People call it an act of God

But God’s more active, there’s more blood

Godzilla Stomping Through Japan

Godzilla Stomping Through Japan

People take shelter if you can


You Fool, You

Gonna tell you a story, you’ve heard it before

Woman meets a man, we play another chord

They run around together …  then they have a blue

Are you wondering do they make up?

You fool, you

He goes off to war, she’s with another guy

But every night they’re gazin at the same star in the sky

The music gets softer, the moonlight’s dim

She looks into the distance and she’s thinkin of him

Are you wondering do they make it?

You fool, you

Now she’s waiting on a platform for the 2:19

Cutest little outfit that you’ve ever seen

You’ve been sitting in this movie since half past ten

You’re wondering what the lady even sees in him

But you paid good money, just to get in

You fool, you..

So just to be helpful, just to be kind,

I’m gonna tell you something’s gonna save a lot of time

Every love story that you read or see

Is nothing like the way it’s gonna really be

Coz if you think it’s gonna go like the stories do,

You fool, you.

Square_Monique_WelcomeStranger_AlbumCover copy
Lunar Lady

Lunar Lady oh so bright, be my wishing well tonight

I’ll go fishing with my kite if you’ll shine for me

Lady whisper in the wind, starry siren songs of yin

Call the tide to come on in and shine for me

Thunder, old man’s cough – shake the earth, scare me off

Hear you weepin’ up above, cryin’ to the sea

Lunar Lady oh so high, when I die to you I’ll fly

Be the air that holds you tight as you shine for me

Square_Monique_WelcomeStranger_AlbumCover copyJoan of Burwood

Picture a cook, doing her boil

and toil, she got lunch to spoil

Get the smell of sweat and regret

it’s the stench of all she can’t forget

Smashin’ mash like it’s trenches she’s diggin’

string beans in a watery grave

and gin gin gin gin gin…

Twenty long years she been ploughin’ this pot

Kneadin’ her list of all he’s not

Still she choses to suck on her bruises

sustained, long explained in whispers to Susan on the phone

as she’s stirring her potion

grindin’ eternal in a circular motion

flamin’ her fires, it’s a habitual devotion

She’s servin it up, her favourite grub

Joan, Joan, Joan, Joan – Joan of Burwood

He’s heard it before,

She gonna walk out the door

All he ever does is take take take

All she ever does is burn that steak

And hair of steam, foully brewing

She’s servin’ it up and she ain’t gonna stop,

Servin’ it up – Joan of Burwood

Square_Monique_WelcomeStranger_AlbumCover copy

Livingest Place

Way down south where the wattle trees grow

The weather man tries but he really doesn’t know

There’s a dark little alley down a city street

Where you dine real fine and it ain’t too steep

So get dressed down we’ll do the pub crawl

Melbin town is the livingest place of all

We got all kinds of faith, religion too

Black yellow brown red white and blue

Could be the colour of your club or the colour of your skin

Y’all find a way just to fit right in

So get dressed down we’ll do the pub crawl

Melbin town is the livingest place of all

I been to places with a buzz in the air

There’s a town further north has got pretty blonde hair

But if you want to hear music in the streets

I know a place here we all can meet

So get dressed down we’ll do the pub crawl

Melbin town is the livingest place of all

Square_Monique_WelcomeStranger_AlbumCover copyToo Far Gone

The sun ain’t yellow it’s chicken he says

Petty little quarrels they run roun’ my head

Keep comin’ back to the way we met

You know we’re too far gone

The sign on my door it says back in 5

You walk right in this little soul dive of mine

What makes you think you’re the one for me?

I say yeah, yeah, yeah

Coz baby we’re on – a one way street

Still tryin’ to find our way

Too far gone, for thinkin’ ’bout another

We fuss n fight anyway

We’re carryin’ on, until we’re beat

You can’t win if you don’t play

‘Coz babe we’re too far gone for love to lose it’s way

There’s 20 million dollars ridin’ on a white horse

The bankers and the taxman they’re headin’ for the course

They say ‘Come on get in – what’s the matter with you?’

I don’t care, no no

He says we’re not really here we’re just passin’ through space

I say well pick up your clothes ‘coz it’s not just your place

You hold my hand and it feels so fine

I say yeah, yeah, yeah

Coz Baby we’re on..

This wouldn’t be a real love story

Without the part about inadequacy

One and one can make 13

Babe when you’re too far gone

You know there’s love and there’s habit

And there’s in-between

But we still duck down the alley

Where we can’t be seen

Babe ‘coz we’re too far gone – too far gone for love

You know we’re too far gone for love to lose it’s way

Square_Monique_WelcomeStranger_AlbumCover copy

What Does She Know

What does she know, when she’s all on her own

Can she sing herself a tune?  Will it fill an empty room?

Make the darkness go?

Early dawn, before the day is born

Does she greet it with a smile, or has it been a while

Since she greeted it at all?

Years they roll on by, and it takes a train to make her cry

Travellin’ down the road, such a heavy load -Who knows why..

Night-time comes, she loved it once

And as the four winds blow, can she grab an oar and row?

What does she know –

Night-time comes, she loved it once,

Can she ever love again? Who knows where or when?

Can she give her heart a chance?

And let it flow, just let it go –

What does she know?

Square_Monique_WelcomeStranger_AlbumCover copyTalkin Obaginatin Daily Domestic Altercation Blues

You know the story by now

One small step and the walls come tumblin’ down

Watch the curtains, no time for hurtin’ – it’s showtime now

The leadin’ lady’s got a permanent frown

Roses are red now you’re blue,

Time for regrets and kisses meant for two

Won’t you wait up, honey we can make up

Can’t you see, what tools we’re being

In the lonely hours,

I wonder why we keep on playing these parts

The tension rises and there ain’t no goin’ back until the fat lady farts

So if the doctor is in

Please tell him I’m waitin’, hopin’ and prayin’

He’ll have a tonic, something therapeutic like a case of gin?

Let the show begin


Soleil, la lune, le ciel, les heures que passes tout seules c’est toi ici

Le froid d’hiver passé, lumiere des etoiles tres fraiches, c’est toi ma vie

Le sens magique que vient aux yieux  ma vie m’amour tu portes a moi

Printemps a moi, ici

Ici encore et toutes tristesses les restes non plus sont tout parties

C’est toi encore c’est vrai tu portes un grand beaute c’est toi, ma vie

Alors m’amour m’embrasses et doucement me dont les bises encore

Une fille, garcon, amour, amour les deux tout seules

Tout seules savoir la joie, savoir l’amour tout seules

Soleil, la lune, le ciel, les heures que passes tout seules c’est toi ici

Square_Monique_WelcomeStranger_AlbumCover copyJuliette to Romeo

This is my fire, my fire for you

A home for coming to, we’ll be feeling good

There was a time, I didn’t see

How quiet night could be

Breathed you in my sleep

Kiss away the misty rise

The day is dawning, but you close your eyes

This is my fire, I breath for you

I sent a message, hope it’s getting through

Far away, in the blue

The stars are for us, you can feel it too

Kiss away the misty rise..

Squeeze the grapes of wrath, wine will come

Lay a table cloth, time will fall away

This is our time, here and now

We’ll take a moment, make it last an hour

Come with me now, into the day

We’ll stow away, like lovers do

Kiss away the misty rise.

Kiss away the dark beneath your eyes

That’s not our sunrise

The day is dawning, on the other side

Square_Monique_WelcomeStranger_AlbumCover copySo Near

We take a ride, you take the wheel

I’m holding to the way it used to feel, my dear

When we were so near

In your eyes, still see the man I love

But just like a ghost I can’t touch your heart

It’s so near and so far

Used to be a smile from me, was enough to make you happy

But now..the winds of change are shifting

And so we ride, two little too polite smiles

And say ‘Let’s take a break for a while’

I wonder why – we were so near, and so far

Square_Monique_WelcomeStranger_AlbumCover copy


Back in the moonshine, moonshine so sweet

You know you’re havin a good time

When you can’t stay on your feet

One two slip through the crack, how’d you do that?

Four five and here’s a cosy dive to sit and chew fat

In the moonshine – on the funny side of the street

Tell ya you’ll be kissin’ everyone that you meet

Back in the moonshine, honey where the lights are red

Come on and strike that bed light

‘Coz you can sleep all night when you’re dead

Uptown, downtown, where’d you go spinning roun’?

Come on back and take a shot before you fall flat,

In the moonshine, on the funny side of the street

Tell ya you’ll be kissin’ everyone that you meet..

China Plate

We been pulled from the ether by women who fight

With hips and with hands, who wrestle through the night

Limp through days with dull achin’ knees

They crawl back from hate, serve up love on a china plate

Y’all playin’ a role in a primordial plot

Scrapin’ muddy pots, rubbin’ sore spots and what not

Daily performing invisible feats

Like when they crawl back from hate, serve up love on a china plate

I eat and once again am told, of granma burned in coals at three

Doctor’s grim at the danglin’ limb

But it’s ma knows the thing for dying kin..

Fancy now at ninety-two, ancient scars like hardened glue

Pulled from the ether and she’s goin’ back up

She’s goin’ back up yeah

Easy as you please she’s gonna pull up a chair

Cash in her chips and she’ll be gettin’ her share

For fightin’ the fight in the alleys and caves

She crawl back from hate serve up love on a china plate


Square_Monique_WelcomeStranger_AlbumCover copy

Get Happy

Get born, stuck in a storm

Torn between two lovers, beat up and worn

Get played like a helpless pawn and

Get happy

Get tired, from waiting so long

Tired of being a mother, tired of being a son

Get to feeling you’re the only one and

Get happy

If I had a chance, another romance might sway me

Still in this life-long dance,

I’m the only one that’s gonna save me

Get ready, wind’s going to blow

Look in the mirror, crack’s gonna show

But don’t let it get you low, oh no

Get happy

Square_Monique_WelcomeStranger_AlbumCover copy
A Girl and A Dog

A girl and a dog, kickin’ along to the park where they go every day

He’s what she’s not, they go together nicely

He’s the sensitive sort, short dark and handsome

Always knows what not to say,

Loves her completely puts a little dance on

When she gets home at the end of the day

A girl and a dog, what could go wrong

I tell you nothing can go wrong with the love,

The love of a girl and a dog

Whatever she wears, it’s always his favourite,

She’s long in the store, he’s happy to wait

His family is decent, well domesticated

A night in is their favourite date

He doesn’t lie, doesn’t cheat

He just lies on her feet

Sure he likes a ball game, and a roll in the hay

But he’ll always choose her, ain’t gonna lose her

It’s not a tale for Hollywood, ‘coz it’s good every day

A girl and a dog, what could go wrong

I tell you nothing can go wrong with the love,

The love of a girl and a dog..


Everybody Loves Somebody - Monique Di Mattina

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